Sunday, July 29, 2012


Austin is now 3 1/2 months old. He is so much fun. He smiles, talks and laughs. Everyone says he's my chubbiest baby. He's very pleasant. Hardly cries. He's sleeping better, getting up once at night. He still struggles with his tummy and has started spitting up unfortunately. He discovered his voice this last week or so and likes to scream  in a happy way.

I am surprised at how well he holds his head up on his tummy. I don't believe any of my kids were this strong at this age.

We love our Austin man. He's growing up so fast

Ashley's Preschool Graduation

For Ashley's graduation her class sang a bunch of songs. It was super cute. Here they are lining up to walk in
We had to snap a shot of the best friends together
All of her classmates. I believe she had 18 in her class
They started off by saying the pledge of allegiance
I don't remember what song this was but she loved using the pom poms
Skip to my Lou. The girls had a circle and the boys had a circle. Loved this one
Funny hat song
Austin at 1 month
Ashley got the big sister award. She was always helping the others in her class
We are super proud of her. She did really well in Preschool. She even learned how to read
URgh, I don't know how to change this....sorry. She was super excited about getting a rose
Ashley and Allie got to be in preschool together and they loved it
Ashley with her teacher Miss Konni. She was an amazing teacher. I can't wait to send Parker to her

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ashley's Mothers Day Program

Ashley's preschool class put on a mothers day program. It was the cutest thing ever. They sang a whole bunch of songs and danced
On a couple of the songs they had partners. Ashley was partners with Elliot. Apparently Elliot kind of liked Ashley :)

Ashley, Allie and Lyncoln

Easter 2012

We colored easter eggs the day Austin and I came home from the hospital. The kids love it
Ashley likes to dip hers in many different colors to see what she gets
Taylor likes to draw pictures before he colors his egg
On Easter we go to my parents house for all the grand kids to have an Easter hunt
They get very spoiled
They have so much fun trying to find where Grandpa and Kenzie have hidden all the eggs. There's been a few crazy hiding places
Parker was so excited to see all the neat things he got
My beautiful children on Easter Sunday

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Here's a bunch of pictures of Austin. He's now 7 weeks old. He only eats 3.5 oz and sleeps about 3 hours at a time. I long for the longer nights but its manageable. He sleeps all the time, sometimes can hardly finish his bottle, which is frustrating at night. He has an irritable tummy which I believe is the cause of him waking up. He's pretty content though and has started smiling which melts my heart.

 Big brother and me

 I loved this face

 He looks so small compared to these two

 Ashley loves to hold him and take care of him. Well they all do really

 Fell asleep on my bed 

 He is bunched up like this much of the time. He looks so tiny when I set him in his bed like this.


I found a bunch of random pictures on my camera

Parker got a hold of my gel and smothered his hair and face with it

 Love her!

 My kids surrounding Grandpa Hamblin looking at something on his phone. I think it was constellations

 Parkers chore assignment was to wash walls down the stairs. I found him doing it here instead.

 While I was teaching a piano lesson parker decided he wanted to change in to a soccer jersey. He tried at least....

 One night I went in to check on the kids and found Ashley dressed like this

One of the only times they got to play in the snow since it never snowed this year

After I had Austin, Ashely was hungry but I was feeding him so I told her to make her own sandwich and she did. I was so proud of her! She was proud too. She told me when Daddy got home she was going to make him a sandwich too

 Parker got to play on my Ipad while I was doing some work. It suddenly got quiet and this was what I found

 Ashley built a fort on her bed. I thought it was pretty clever. She kept it like this for days

Parker got a couple slivers in his foot but he would not let me touch them. He just sat on the couch holding his foot looking at them. The next thing I knew he fell asleep like this.